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In a world of overpriced prefabrication and big box retailers, it is hard to find pieces that boast artisanal craftsmanship and cater to your personal style. At Falconman Woodworks, we create high-end custom indoor and outdoor furniture, cabinets, decking, open-air structures, and features. All of our projects are sustainably sourced by using reclaimed wood and ensuring that materials are used thoughtfully. If you're ready to boost your home or yards aesthetics, give us a call.



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About Us

We've been friends since childhood, and have remained friends even though our lives had taken different paths. (A printmaker, a sushi chef, and a software project manager.) We've since reconnected through our shared love of woodworking and carpentry. Our shop is nestled deep in the Hill Country of Texas and we pride ourselves for our craft long cultivated in these hills.