Our custom furniture is sustainably sourced by using reclaimed wood such as red cedar, pine, and redwood. We try our hardest to ensure that we are using every material thoughtfully and reducing waste in the process. We take a lot of pride in researching design aesthetics drawing inspiration from traditional Western and Japanese woodworking, mid-century modern design, minimalist aesthetics, and experimental techniques.


Our cabinets are customized to the space and are never prefabricated. Using high-quality wood, our expert craftsmanship, and collaborating closely with each client, we'll give you something truly unique for your space and lifestyle.

Interior Features

Interior features include but are not limited to bar tops, kitchen islands, feature/accent walls, and mantles.





We take a high-end woodworking approach to deck design. No detail is left out. Paying special attention to joinery and high end materials such as pressure-treated cedar, composite, or ipe woods and combining elements of Japanese architecture and mid-century modern design, our decks will stand the test of time for all your summertime barbecues and gatherings around the fire pit.   

Open-air Structures

There is simply no better way to utilize your outdoor space than with a beautifully crafted structure, especially in the hot Texas sun. Creating a shaded oasis can be a great way to integrate the outdoors into your lifestyle while keeping you cool and making your garden really stand out.

Exterior Features

Exterior features are a great way to boost your outdoor space and elevate curb appeal. We can provide you with planters, privacy fences, and feature/accent walls that reflect your personal taste.